Borosilicate glass 1

Borosilicate glass 1
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Bottle and glasses of Borosilicate glass.

This material is suitable for oven, stove burner and vitroceramic hob usage High resistant and easy to clean material.

Different shapes and measures available. Bottle with tap. 

1- GRANADE GLASS 12 cl. Ø 6,3 x 10,5 cm, Ref. B803026.

2- GLASS 16 cl. Ø 8 x 9 cm, Ref. B803022. 

3-GLASS 25 cl. Ø 8 x 12 cm, Ref. B803021. 

4- BOTTLE with hydration TAP 71 cl. Ø 7,1 x 22,9 cm, Ref. V762913675.