Stickers Game/Set to complete the printed image like a puzzle.

Folded A5 size booklet. On the outside cover is the complete image

and in the inside only the background.

1 Sheet of Stickers with the elements to paste and complete the image.

Stickers made of printed vinyl.

DIN-A4 Cardboard printed on both sides and folded into half.

Folded sizes: 21x15cm.

Info about the product and the image on the back cover.


1. “Carnaval d’Arlequin”, 1924-25. Ref. 08001121014

2. “La Ferme”, 1921-22. Ref. 08001121016

3. “Le Repas des Fermiers”, 1935. Ref. 08001121015

4. “La Terre Labourée”, 1923-24. Ref. 07ATK001MIR

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