BENJA exclusive collection of personalised products

Founded in 2019 by Ming Productions in Barcelona, BENJA is a design services brand that manufactures uniquely customised products for museums.

From magnets to puzzles, the BENJA collection offers a solution to elevate merchandise and brand identity. Solid brass, anodised brass, recycled acrylic, or recycled cardboard are some of the materials used for manufacturing the products and packaging featured in their collections.

The Collections

Colección Vintage, llaveros, bolis, sacapuntas, reglas de latón

Vintage Collection

The Vintage collection is one of BENJA’s main product series. Featuring geometric shapes and incorporating traditional materials such as brass, the Vintage collection highlights the importance of durability and timelessness in product design. It’s a collection meant to be passed down to future generations. Gold, copper, black, and silver are the four different finishes ready for you to explore.







Colección Artistas, Andy. Pins, posavasos, imanes

Artists Collection

The Artist collection is made from recycled and recyclable acrylic. We use this material for all the products described below: magnets, bookmarks, coasters, pins, keychains, and placemats. They all feature graphic illustrations of iconic artists who have had an impact on the art world. Vibrant colours, pop aesthetics, and simple lines create the illustrations that have been applied to different products, generating a collection of “artist series.” If you’re interested in having an interpretation of your favourite artist designed, just let us know!






Colección Shaded, posavasos de metacrilato reciclado y reciclable

Shaded Collection

Transparency, simple shapes, black and white tones—these are just a few of the key elements presented in the Shaded Collection. The illustrations, conveying an experimental approach, are created by the design team.









Colección Layered. Imanes de doble capa de metacrilato

Layered Collection

For the Layered Collection, we have a range of layered products made from recycled and recyclable acrylic in pure solid colors. This collection can serve as inspiration for any type of artwork, buildings, logos, symbols, or any shape you can imagine. All designs are available in each format: magnet, keychain, pin, and puzzle!

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