Cultural Enterprises Conference 2024

Ming Productions in Cultural Enterprises Conference 2024

Cultural Enterprises Conference & Tradeshow 2024 was a success! ✨

We would like to thank Association for Cultural Enterprises and all attendees.

Cultural Enterprises Conference took place at the ICC Wales on March 13 and 14, 2024. It brings together industry professionals within the cultural sector.

It gathers experiences and best practices from all kinds of cultural venues in all areas of commercial activity.

With 40 sessions and over 50 speakers, the program is designed to assist organizations with practical experience, case studies, and inspiration to grow and develop their revenue sources. Arts and heritage organizations need to come together and share how to become more financially sustainable, and this is the place to do it.

Below are the new features introduced at the latest edition of Museum Connections.

Textile Collection

Our latest textile collection includes digital printing on cotton canvas in various forms of cases and pouch bags. Some items feature cotton lining, while others include leather strips for opening the zipper. All items are manufactured in Spain. The collection is inspired by Gustav Klimt’s ex-libris, serving as an example of customisation.


Artist Palette Collection

The main point of this collection is the palette, one of the most crucial tools of an artist. Inspired by the various shapes and vibrant colours found in the palettes of various artists, we have created a series of keychains, magnets, and coasters. The products are made of wood and manufactured in Europe.


Kids textile Collection

Collection of 100% cotton garments inspired by works of art. The sample model features elements from Van Gogh’s paintings (elements of Starry Night and Sunflowers). All items are manufactured in Europe.



With a focus on sustainability, we have created toys using responsible materials such as wood, cardboard, and recycled acrylic. We’ve introduced novelties like tic-tac-toe made from recycled acrylic or wood, figures crafted from cardboard, balance games, and sustainable mobiles, among other products. All items are manufactured in Europe.