Ming Productions in Museum Connections Paris

The latest edition of MUSEUM CONNECTIONS PARIS took place on January 16 and 17, 2024, and it was a success! We would like to thank the organizers and everyone who visited our boot


About Museum Connections

“Museum Connections” is a renowned international trade show held annually, focusing on the economic development and strengthening of museums, cultural institutions, and tourist destinations.

The main themes of the fair include artificial intelligence, museum digitization, cultural site transformation, sustainability, and cultural tourism. It is the ideal venue to showcase objects from the cultural and artistic world. This thematic diversity is complemented by a wide range of products and services, including technical devices such as audio guides and payment systems, innovative software systems, and cultural products like souvenirs and fashion items. The exhibition is open to manufacturers, artisans, designers, publishers, and distributors of cultural products and heritage from around the world.

Below are the new features introduced at the latest edition of Museum Connections by Ming Productions.

Textile Collection

Our latest textile collection features digital printing on cotton canvas in various forms of cases and pouches. Some items include cotton lining, while others feature leather strips for opening the zipper. All items are made in Spain. The collection is inspired by Gustav Klimt’s ex libris, serving as an example of personalisation.

Stand con novedades, colección textil. Feria Museum Connections Paris 2024.


Kids textile collection

A collection of 100% cotton garments inspired by works of art. The sample model features elements from Van Gogh’s paintings (elements from Starry Night and Sunflowers). All items are made in Europe.

Stand con novedades, detalle de la colección lluvia infantil. Feria Museum Connections Paris 2024.       Stand con novedades, colección textil infantil. Feria Museum Connections Paris 2024.



With a focus on sustainability, we have created toys using sustainable materials such as wood, cardboard, and recycled acrylic. Our new products include tic-tac-toe sets made from recycled acrylic or wood, figures crafted from cardboard, balance games, and sustainable mobiles, among other items.

Stand con novedades, juguetes de madera y cartón. Feria Museum Connections Paris 2024.



This year, we have launched a product line designed for our pets.

Handmade pet chew toy with a custom design that squeaks when bitten. Made from printed velour. Made in Spain. Customizable design upon request.

Handmade pet leash and collar with a custom design. High-strength, double-sided printed 100% PL tape. The collar features an ABS click-clack closure and a welded metal ring for the leash. Made in Barcelona. Customizable design upon request.