Digital printing

What does digital printing allow us?

Digital printing allows you to print designs and creatives with many colors.

Therefore, we recommend it for those designs with images full of details or with colors that are irreplaceable in your brand image. It is a printing technique that we recommend for small quantities.

What are the advantages of digital printing printing?

  • Flexibility and low volume: by not using plates such as offset printing, it allows you to print few units. A very interesting advantage for companies that do not need large runs and seek to manufacture promotional material at a low cost.
  • Personalization: the trend in recent years is to offer increasingly personalized and unique products. Thanks to digital printing we can vary the pattern, material and design with great ease.
  • No stock (Just in Time): As we have commented in previous advantages, the agility of the production allows to adjust the volume according to the orders.
  • Variety of supports: One of the differences with offset printing and at the same time advantage of digital. The variety is infinite: textiles, vinyls, PVC, rigid supports, packaging…