Pad printing

What is pad printing?

Used for small objects such as personalized pens, personalized keychains, mugs, glasses, lighters, etc. Although it is also possible to do in larger objects. One of the peculiarities is that in addition to being a very economical print, the definition of the details is very large, achieving that logos with very small details are stamped in a spectacular way.

How does pad printing work?

It is really a simple plate, usually metallic, although it can also be made of PVC, coated with a photosensitive emulsion on which the logo to be reproduced is engraved.

This engraved hole in the plate, which represents our logo, is covered with ink, just enough and necessary, since there is a blade system that passes over it and sweeps away the excess ink.

The magic appears with the Silicone Stamp, which by pressure collects that ink (in the shape of our logo) and transfers it to the article to be printed where, by means of a new pressure, it adheres it very precisely.