Laser engraving

What is laser engraving?

Laser engraving can be done in two ways, through bitmap images or through vector files. Each laser marking mode involves a movement of the axes and different parameters used.

  • Raster engraving: this is a process similar to that used by inkjet printers, where a bitmap image (made up of pixels) such as JPG or PNG is printed line by line and point by point but in this case instead After applying ink, the laser removes the material. The laser machine software will control the PPI (pulses per inch) parameter which will adjust the density of the laser points. The more points, the more definition.
  • Vector engraving: the marking is produced using vector files (lines and geometric curves), identifying the contour, drawing vector vector and then engraving it through the laser. The process itself is the same as in laser cutting, the difference is the power setting selected. If a low power setting is chosen, the line is “scored” as engraving, whereas higher power produces a vector cut.