What is silkscreen printing?

Silkscreen printing is one of the most popular printing techniques for printing designs on products of different sizes and materials.

In the commercial and artistic sector it has been used for more than 100 years and is mainly used to print images and designs on T-shirts, cloth bags, wood and other materials.

How does it work?

For silkscreen printing, different materials are used. To begin with, the printing pattern is created, that is, reproducing the design on a plate so that the ink passes through.

The frame is placed on the shirt and with the help of a spatula the colors are filtered (one layer for each color, up to a maximum of four colors).
This system allows repeating the process accurately and quickly, in fact, by creating a plate model, the printing can be repeated hundreds of times without losing quality and printing definition.

Despite its craftsmanship in recent years, screen printing has been modernized, machinery and inks available today allow you to obtain results in superfine quality.

What are the advantages of silkscreen printing?

  • Excellent quality / price ratio for large print runs
  • Perfect color reproduction
  • Durability of the articles
  • Prints resistant to many washes