merchandising y sostenibilidad

Sustainable merchandising

Our eco-friendly personalised sustainable merchandising is designed for those seeking a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative for their advertising campaigns. We use recycled, organic, and biodegradable materials to create custom promotional products that are not only eco-friendly but also high-quality and durable. Whether for events, corporate gifts, or everyday use, our eco-friendly personalised merchandise is a conscious choice for those looking to promote their brand in an ethical and responsible manner.
Eco-friendly materials we use for the production of our sustainable merchandise include:

Wheat fiber, a durable and resistant material that is ideal for replacing plastics.

Bamboo fiber, a material with high strength that contributes to reducing environmental pollution levels. A single hectare of bamboo has the capacity to absorb 21.41 tons of CO2 annually.

Recycled paper and cardboard, one of the first materials used as a sustainable alternative in the promotional products sector. Through the recycling process of paper and cardboard, we significantly reduce the consumption of wood, water, and energy required in paper production.

Sustainable merchandising of Ming Productions: